Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Suspicions and other thoughts

I am in the "swampy middle" of Troubled_Waters and am dealing with the usual stage fright. What if I blow it now? What if this section or that is boring? I have the advantage of writing for an audience this time--other than my willing live-in test subject (Gary)--and that both helps and hinders. The worry being that they're going to hate what I'm doing. This is normal enough, I suppose and I'll get through it. I always do. Sing is out making the rounds. Espresso Fiction ran "Flying Without Wings" this week, which should mean that I'll have a check coming soon. It won't be huge, but every little bit helps.

We've been struggling with a lot of worries this Christmas--primarily financial stuff--as the factory Gary works at has been taking a lot of voluntary lay-offs and is giving us two unpaid weeks off at Christmas. Yeah. This is just what we needed.

Now I've got to face Christmas with four boys who have the standard list of kid wants. The only one who is bad about wanting what he wants and damn everyone else, is my oldest who I think may have been sent down the wrong shoot at conception. He was supposed to go to a wealthy family. When money is tight, the other three clam up or offer us shorter lists of smaller items. They are comfortable with the idea that Christmas is about Christ's birth not about what's under the tree. Jeremiah, on the other hand, understands that but also figures we owe him certain luxuries simply because he chooses to stay with us.
His recent comment to me was, "But I only want one thing."
"Yes, son, but what you want costs $300.00."
He countered with,"But that's not a bad price."
"If you belonged to Bill Gates' family it might not be, but you belong to the Paddocks." He didn't think that was witty at all, but he often doesn't think I'm funny these days.

Okay--I'm off to get some writing done. I'd like to finish this book by the end of February.

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