Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, we didn't get any snow to speak of at our house. Or any ice either. But everybody in the surrounding towns did. So much that the trees have become ice sculptures--and traffic hazards. I hear that it's eerie; like "Day after Tomorrow" in some of the towns around us.

On top of this the breaker on my central heat decided to short out tonight so we are working with space heaters, everybody in one room and so on. It's not so bad, really. Most of my friends and family are making due with wood heat and no electricity; many of them may be doing so for days.

My husband came home early to try and fix the breaker. I adore this person; I truly do. However, he is not a handy man and what he knows about electricity is coming directly from a book he's holding his hand as he's studying the breaker box. I asked him to turn the main breaker off before he does anything, but he insists it's a matter of just the breaker he's working with (says it's in the manual). He's a smart man, but I'm not sure that learning to change out a breaker in the middle of an ice storm is necessarily a good move. I could live with the space heaters until he can ask my brother (who knows about these things) for help.

On the other hand, the stupid staff meeting that I've been dreading that was scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled and I'm free to stay home with my kids another day. This is a relief as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry so many people are without power and that it's such a mess out there for so many; I am not sorry that I do not have to sit in a stupid political "meet the new president of the university" meeting all day while speeches about a bright new future are made and a man who I will never see again (because I work for extension and am not even a specialist) beams at a room full of people and promises to be concerned for our welfare.

Have I mentioned that I am planning to quit?

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