Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fear of finishing

I'm near the end of Troubled Waters. The big climax is next and it's planned and ready to be written. I'm momentarily frozen. As I've been through this before, I've analyzed this to death and know exactly why it happens. It's a simple matter of being afraid of messing up. I know it's asinine and only something to be overcome, but nonetheless it seems to have become part of the process.

I sat on the end of Fassen Files for a month. When I finally wrote it, I stayed up all night and half the next day. With Witness Tree the freeze lasted for far longer (months). I finally wrote the last 10,000 words while I was in Montana visiting my dad. No internet, no work and no phone for a week seemed to be the catalyst for overcoming the fear of finishing.

I've spoken with other writers who suffer from this too and their solution has been to rent a motel room for a week or so. Too bad I'm too broke for this.

We are iced in and as long as we can't go anywhere (you did not imagine that note of jubilation), maybe I'll get this finished.

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