Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Small talk

My mini-van is finally fixed. This might sound like a small thing, but to someone who drives two hundred miles a week, having her favorite vehicle in working order is a good feeling. It wasn't cheap, but it was less expensive than making car payments.

I finally bought the fancy paper to send Sing out. I know I was supposed to have done it already, but I've been sick and getting to the store that carries it wasn't simple. It will go to the post office tomorrow or Friday, depending on our schedule. Good grief high quality bond is expensive (8.00 for fifty sheets!). All I wanted was good paper, but I wound up with "good" envelopes too. I guess the rejection letter will be returned in style.

The last of the editing for Troubled Waters was done today. Now I can move forward with the end.

The picture to the right is Theo in his favorite vehicle. The basket he's in is usually full of dog toys and leashes, but when the dogs have emptied it out, the cats play hide and seek in it. A few weeks ago, Joseph snagged a leash on the straw when he was pulling it out from under Theo and discovered by accident that Theo liked to go for rides. So he tied the leash to it and now every so often Theo will jump in and wait for someone to drag him around in it. Have I mentioned that Theo is an adrenaline freak? It's not hard to picture him with a helmet on is it?

Can anybody recommend a good book? I'm up for a new one and I have a little extra cash I can spend at Amazon.


Hedgie said...

"Can anybody recommend a good book?"

Fiction? Nonfiction? Poetry?

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi Howard,

Poetry. I haven't bought any poetry in a while. The last volume I bought was Smoke by Dorianne Laux. Great stuff, but I finished it a long time ago.

Hedgie said...

Here are a few I've enjoyed:

Shuntaro Tanakawa, Selected Poems
(There's a small collection of his work over on The Jackdaw's Nest if you want a sample; he's one of my best discoveries of the last year or so.)

Pattiann Rogers, Firekeeper: Selected Poem (Revised and Expanded)

Robert Wrigley, Earthly Meditations: New and Selected Poems

Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Small Gods of Grief

Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Song

Tony Hoagland, What Narcissism Means to Me and Donkey Gospel

Anna Swir, Talking to My Body

Lorna Goodison, Controlling the Silver

Bob Hicok, Animal Soul

Scotty said...

Hiya Mary,
if you like Sylvia Plath,I have her book, "Letters Home" that you can have for the cost of postage - I couldn't get more than halfway through it but don't let that put you off; it may just be me... *grin*

Mary O. Paddock said...

Thanks Howard. I'll take a look when I get in from work today.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi Scotty

Thank you very much for your generous offer.

It's not just you.