Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's finally happened. I was standing in line at the gas station this evening waiting for the woman in front of me to complete her purchase of $55.00 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets when I happened to glance at a hand-written sign just above the rack of road maps.

Other customer's do not want to buy used maps
So please do not open the map's
until you pay for them.
--The Manager

I mightily refused the urge to point out the unncessary apostrophes to the girl behind the counter, though it was a narrow escape.

One of my 4-H leaders, an extremely nice man and a highly involved volunteer, believes you "git" "thangs". I've learned to smile when I see his e-mails in my inbox because this is how he talks too, but the first few made me cringe.

I am not a grammar snob and I'm constantly weeding out my own typos, but some mistakes just cannot be ignored.

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