Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well I finally did it

I found out that "E" on the gas tank really does mean empty and not "eeeenother quarter of a tank".

I ran out of gas for the first and hopefully last time ever. My husband will never ever let me live it down. He's been warning me that I was headed that direction, but I was just sure I could get it to the gas station one last time. Fortunately I was surrounded by amused people in the church parking lot who have all done it at least once and not halfway between home and work (a 35 mile trip one way). One gas can later I was back in business. I owe the church lawn mowing crew about ten gallons of gas.

I considered bribing the boys into silence, but thought the better of it.


Julie Carter said...

I shouldn't laugh, but... I've done it too. Only I was on a country road and suddenly found I could go down hills but not up them! :D

Scotty said...

Men can't do dishes and women can't check oil and gas - it's a new book out soon...


Mary O. Paddock said...

Julie--Good to know I'm not alone.

Scotty--Ha-ha. I can and do both. I just like living on the edge.