Monday, April 30, 2007

Editors and other spikey things

I heard from the editor of the magazine that's publishing one of my short stories. It's standard for an editor to introduce a few corrections and this one is no different. The handful of edits were fair and served to tighten up some sentences. I only disagree with one point--an added detail I don't feel is at all necessary to the plot. I'll say yes to it and let it go, but it does bug me a little, because it's a tightly written story and the addition feels superfluous. My husband tells me I should make the change, but should state that it's under protest. I'll pass on that advice. If it was central to the plotline, I'd argue my case, but it's not. I'd like to be published again--especially by this magazine and don't want to earn a reputation for being difficult.

I stepped on a nail today while spray painting my front door and managed to drive it deeply into the outside edge of the instep, just ahead of the heel. It was my own dumb fault. I knew the board was there; I knew it had a nail in it. I pointed it out to myself and told me to be careful. I clearly wasn't paying attention and that will teach me to listen . . . Quite frankly, my foot genuinely hurts (walking kind of sucks) and the pain reminds me that it's been eight years since my last tetanus shot (Why does that sound like something that should be said in a confessional?). 'Guess I'd better stop by the health department tomorrow. Have ever mentioned how much I hate needles? Not the casual "gosh I sure hate shots" kind of way, but the phobic, cold-sweat kind.

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Judy said...

I so know where you are coming from on shots! I posted about that just last week. Hope your foot is better now.