Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In that box of books I found in the shed three weeks ago was an old favorite I'd given up ever finding. Willowwood by Mollie Hardwick (author of Upstairs-Downstairs) is a charming love story published waaay back in 1980. It's charming because, unlike so many romances of that era, it didn't follow the standard love-hate formula. The hero really was a nice guy and the heroine just needed a bit of rescuing. I rarely read love stories which are love stories before they're anything else, but this was memorable enough to hang onto.

Here's a description: Willowwood

Upon re-reading it, I was pleased to find that the writing isn't bad and I find it every bit as entertaining a read as I did when I picked it up the first time.

It's a shame it's out of print though.

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