Monday, May 14, 2007

I could have sworn . . .

that I posted something here late last night. Maybe I was so tired I closed the browser down without actually hitting the publish button. Or maybe I'm getting senile in my middle age.

Had a good Mothers' Day, though it was quiet. We're running too broke to do much anyway. My husband made me one of his famous omlettes for breakfast, I went for a walk and watched a movie with my kids. I realize it's a few years old now, but if you haven't seen "Where the Heart is", I highly recommend doing so. At my request, my husband put in the new vinyl floor in my bathroom which is a vast improvement on sub-flooring, which which itself a vast improvement on the vinyl flooring we took up. Fortunately when we bought the vinyl flooring for the kitchen last fall, we accidentally ordered more than we needed so this didn't cost anything. The bathroom is beginning to look pretty good, though I still need trim around the windows.

I re-wrote a clumsy scene from Troubled_Waters. This meant re-writing another scene and cleaning up the references to it. I prefer not to do this most of the time because it can require re-reading huge chunks of text to be sure I didn't miss any other references to it. Sometimes, if the scene is not awful, it's better just to leave well enough alone. This time it wasn't quite as involved and I know the story well enough to know where to go within in the storyline and do the repair work. The replacement scene is far less sloppy, but while I was writing it, I realized I left out an important "discovery" (or--really--stopping a character from making a discovery) later on in the storyline. Not a huge fix, but one that needs addressing.
I'm just past the half-way mark in this edit. This is going slowly at this point.


Scotty said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day, Mary, and as for Troubled Waters revisions - well, slowly but surely, eh?

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi Scotty

Slow is better than not at all. I just didn't expect life to interfere so much. Nor did I expect to suffer from so much self-doubt.