Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Holy Cow

I'm stealing this post from Simon Haynes' blog over on my Space (Sorry Simon--just couldn't resist). I must confess I am not a huge opera buff, but I do have a handful of favorite artists. Paul Potts, just made that list. What an amazing unknown talent. I really hope we see more of this individual. I know I'd buy his albums.


Laura said...

Yes. It's a shame his name sounds like that of a Cambodian dictator.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, They played Mr Potts' song on a morning tv show that I watch here in Sydney, the presenters all had tears in their
eyes at the end of the performance.
So did I. Because of Paul's amazing talent plus his mild-mannered humility. I'll be buying his albums too.

David Mascellani

Mary O. Paddock said...

His second performance in the semi-finals was pretty good too. I sorta wish he hadn't chosen "Time to Say Goodbye" (which will always bee known as Andrea Bocelli's song), but to his credit he did it in Italian and did it extremely well.