Friday, June 01, 2007


The weather forecast is full of thunderstorms tonight. Wind is whipping through the curtains as I type this and I suppose I should get up and close them. But, the truth is, I like it when the wind comes inside bringing the taste of rain on its back. It's like a big wet dog that shakes off a little of the storm and rushes back out.

I've gotten quite a bit of editing done in the last couple of days, but most of it has been in the same trouble-spot. I keep returning to the same scene over and over, fretting about the logic behind it. I suppose I should contact a beta reader and ask them if I've improved it or butchered it. I quite accidentally wrote in a flashback and I'm not sure I like it . . .

Arg. Writing is lonely business sometimes.

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Bandersnatchi said...

Sounds cool.
Lemme read it, puhleeese!

I like logic tests /puzzles.
I'll tell you if it's logical.


Just in case you thought I had sailed into the West with the rest of the elves.