Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I think so.

I've taken it as far as I can by myself. I've got a couple of beta readers looking at it for me. Long-suffering folks that they are, this isn't the first time they've voluntarily read my work. I confess I'm a little concerned about their sanity.

Of course, after I sent it to them I looked over it again and found a couple of typos. This is frustrating as I was just sure I'd gotten all of them. I wish Word had a button you could push called "auto-fix" that would send it in search of dropped articles and over-used words and phrases.

And point out which characters are under-developed and whether the plot is too cliched.

And it needs to run in the background so it can stop you before you waste a year of your life writing it.

And a feature which will automatically write a query letter.

And a mail merge setting which will select the right agents to send it to.

Well, there's my Christmas list.

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Unknown said...

Don't throw it out yet. It will print a nifty envelope for you - addresses and all.