Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm it

Simon Haynes tagged me. I'm supposed to reveal eight random facts about myself. Random? I'll have you know there's nothing random about me. Everything, everything is planned, organized into labeled boxes and shelved according to name, content, and date of discovery.

*kicks box full of computer cables, second hand novels, and dead batteries out of sight*

But since you asked

1) In 1987 I lived in the third story of an old house converted to apartments, up the street from a Colonial Bread Factory. The smell of baking bread used wake me up in the morning. My first thought was always, "In twenty years, I'll still remember this smell."

2) I'm a homeschooler less for religious reasons and more because I love to teach than anything else.

3) I wear a size seven shoe, my ring size is seven (sometimes), I was born on the 7th of August, my mother-in-law's birthday is the same day, and my address is 107. Coincidence? Probably.

4) Someday I want to go to Hawaii. Not because I'm into tropical islands, nor do I really enjoy the thought of sharing a beach with several hundred other people, or because I think I'd look good in a grass skirt (I really, really wouldn't). I want to go to Hawaii because my husband grew up there and I want to see the hill he nearly killed himself riding his ten speed down, the pineapple fields his hippie school bus driver used to take short cuts through, and I want to swim in the waters of that isolated private beach he swears is still there.

5) I was raised by hippies. I rebelled. Sort of.

6) I have six dogs: a German Shepherd, a Bloodhound mix, a Jack Russell Terrier/Dachshund mix, a Pointer, a Dachshund/Beagle mix and a minature Dachshund. All except the min-dachshund are rescues. The dschshund/beagle mix is sixteen. We don't expect her to make it a lot longer; however she's been making liars out of us for two years. My husband believes he's seen pictures of her on Egyptain tombs.

7) I am terrified of flying. So when I have to get on a plane, I close the plastic shield so I can't see out the window and pretend I'm on a bus. My seatmates have no idea they're sitting next to a woman who has to remind her heart to beat during take-offs, who has a huge problem with the concept of there being just air and engine power between her and the ground. I've been in too many broken down cars on too many back roads to belive that an engine is going to keep me safe from falling.

8) I like buttermilk. So much so that when I'm trying to lose weight (and I almost always am) I won't buy it because I can drink a half gallon of it in twenty-four hours.

I'm only going to tag one person, because I've seen this list on nearly every blog I read on and I don't know that many people. If I didn't tag you and you wished had, I consider yourself tagged. Chill Daddy? Do you want to play?



Unknown said...

Some good, enlightening tidbits. Bet those hippies never thought their kids would rebel. And I loved the bit about the bread smell - very tactile.

I'll play, too. I haven't been tagged in about two years. Keep an eye on my blog, might take a week or so. (you can always tell when a person's writing in a hurry because they omit things like subject phrases)

Mary O. Paddock said...


I'll keep an eye out.