Thursday, November 08, 2007

On the mend

It's Thursday night and I'm up late writing lesson plans for tomorrow. I've been sick all week but am well enough tonight to go back to work--in this case I'm teaching classes at the local public school--my other part time job. To be honest, I dislike teaching this subject, largely because I am underqualified to do so (trust me). However, I have a verbal contract to see this through to the end of the school year. So while I'm still hoarse, I'm understandable.

Because I've been sick, I've had to extend my time at the job I'm trying to quit for one more week so that I can follow through on some self-imposed obligations. They were only too happy to say yes to it.

When the time comes for me to apply for my next job, I want a glowing-No! Wait!-luminous reference.

I've lost a week of writing and editing. Feeling lousy isn't exactly conductive to creating.

What a weird period of time this is.


Unknown said...

Amazing coincidence. This whole last week I've been under the weather, muddling through my job, and getting almost nothing done in the writing department. I must have caught something from your blog.

Mary O. Paddock said...

That or you had a kid in one of the classrooms I taught two weeks ago. :) The teacher and I compared notes on our illness on Friday and it seems that we came down with it at the same time. We're now interviewing students to determine the culprit. :)

I hope you're feeling better too.

How's Nano going?

Unknown said...

Thanks for asking. I realize most serious writers feel somewhat contemptuous of nano, but I'm getting a much-needed sense of community with other local writers. I've met and had coffee with some of them three different times this last week. For the most part, they're very young, and very inexperienced but they're fun and enthusiastic and better than nothing which is what I've had for the last few years.

Anyhow, getting back to your original polite question. My wordcounts were great until about the early middle of last week, when I really started to feel awful. Here's the addy to my profile and stats if you're interested - sorry I'm not smart enough to make them blue.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Thanks for the link. Hang in there. As Sefton (you might remember him from Every Author) pointed out to me when I made similar comments about my own progress during Nano last year, "All typing isn't writing." The point is that you're writing.

I think Nano can be a great tool. Think of it as a month long freewrite. There are quite a few authors who use it to keep themselves in marathon shape. My personal favorite is Simon Haynes, a best selling Aussie Sci-fi writer. You can find the link to his blog on my site. He uses it to roll out the first draft of his books, knowing he'll hack and slash and rearrange later on.