Saturday, December 08, 2007

Better Synopsis (I hope)

Would you want to read this book?

People can and do tell Sevin Waters she's gifted, they can tell her she's strange or difficult or antisocial, or even a control freak (just ask her little sister), but they can never tell her she's wrong. Known online as Troubled_Waters, Sevin spends her evenings hunting for virtual predators for the FBI and she never misses. "Salvation is in the details," she tells her friend, Agent Warren Henderson. "It's not supernatural. It's about paying attention." When she has a vision of her younger sister's murder as it happens, what she does becomes all about the supernatural whether she likes it or not. Reeling with grief and unable to explain what she saw to herself or the FBI, Sevin goes in search of answers. When she learns the murderer is a serial killer who's been evading the FBI for months, and her sister met him online, Sevin puts her gift for details to work for her and finds him herself. Sevin and the murderer quickly become involved in a precarious online waltz, with neither of them who they appear to be and one of them more dangerous and far more supernatural. While Agent Henderson, who is far fonder of Sevin than she wants him to be, races to figure out what she's up to and whether she's in trouble or not, Sevin and the murderer agree that it's time to meet. In spite of Warren's efforts, in the final confrontation, it will be Sevin, the murderer and the tools within their reach--black magic, a shot gun named Betsy, a pair of chopsticks, and Sevin's gift for finding salvation in the details.


Anonymous said...

I would read it! Couple small typos -- "murderer is by a serial killer" and "salvation the details."

Sounds riveting -- best of luck with it! Nic

Anonymous said...

But,your synopsis is too wordy.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi Nic and thanks--both for the vote of confidence and for pointing out the typos. I finished this up at three am this morning.

David--Thanks. It's about 270 words. I've planned to cut it to 200 (better if it was 150, but I'm not sure I can reduce it that far and keep the "bang" effect).

Scotty said...

I'd read it too. :-)

Mary O. Paddock said...

Thank you Scotty!