Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Go Mom!

Hey! Look! Here's one meaner than me.
Meanest Mom on Planet Someone should give this woman a trophy.


Scotty said...

Hehe, good on her, I say. Aren't we always told that kids need boundaries, want boundaries set by their parents? And yet, those same kids will scream blue murder when you enforce those boundaries, right?

I once wondered if I would qualify as the meanest Dad; why? My daughter had a habit of repeatedly slamming her bedroom door when she had a dummy spit. One day I told her, "Slam that door again and you'll be without a door until you apologise for deliberately annoying me."


When she went to school the next day, I took the door off; boy was she pissed off when she got home.

It took her 3 weeks to offer me an apology (one that I felt she actually meant) - the door was never slammed again.

I'm not mean but I do mean what I say, and I can be agonisingly consistent with it too.


Dennis Bryant said...

If my mother had caught me with alcohol while I was living under her roof, I'd have lost a lot more than my car. It makes me shudder to think about it...

Mary Paddock said...

Oooh! Inventive parenting, Scotty.
And she also learned that you mean what you say.

I hear you Dennis. It's nice to see that tough parenting hasn't totally gone out of style, don't you think?