Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I want to believe

Is this an alien or a really cool rock formation?

Fascinating either way, no? We've seen an image like this from Mars before. Remember the face that so many people thought was a monument? Later they determined it was an optical illusion. In this case, I'm going to be very disappointed if I learn that this was a picture of something that's only an inch tall that someone blew up or inked in.

However, while I don't know exactly what they saw I also don't think this is the result of of anything being blown out of proportion.

I confess, I love the crowd this kind of story always attracts. So many of them deserve to be characters in books. One woman from the area where the UFOs were seen had footage on her home security camera of something she was sure was a UFO. And even my nine year old watched it and said, "That's a moth, isn't it Mom?"

What amuses me more than the flakes news stories like this always bring out is the government's excuses for it. So far, they've said it was an illusion created by two jetliners seen at the same time, that they had no air craft in the area that night so there was no way anyone could have seen them chasing anything, and dozens and dozens of unrelated people were reacting hysterically and blowing it out of proportion when they called to report what they'd seen all giving the same or similar descriptions. This is just as bad as the moth footage, in my opinion, because the authorities who spout this sound like they think we're all idiots, which makes them look pretty stupid themselves. To their credit, least they didn't try on the "weather balloon" or satellite excuse this time. They lost some steam when it turned out that people in Corpus Christi were calling in UFO sightings the same night with similar descriptions.

I've never believed we were alone in the Universe so I'm inclined to believe in visitors from other planets and this may be one of those visits. But if the government is experimenting with different kinds of secret aircraft, wouldn't it be easier on everyone if they simply said, "Yeah, we're doing some experimenting. No, we can't discuss it. Sorry about the interruption" ?

Me and Fox Moulder would make a great team.


Scotty said...

It's interesting to be sure but it's only pareidolia
at work...


Mary Paddock said...

A rock, I'm sure, but, nonetheless, it's a fascinating rock all the same.

It looks like the numerous blurry Bigfoot shots so frequently seen in the US.

Bandersnatchi said...

I too want to believe.
In fact I am very confident that there is other intelligent life in our Galaxy, much more so in the vaster universe.
I am much less sanguine however about there having been visitors to our planet that remain secret to the general public.
I suspect there is a correlation between the number of UFO sightings, reported alien abductions and the developed Western societies. I've never seen such a study however.
As to this rock / alien critter. All things considered, it is most likely not a living being, but I'm already framing an SF short story based on your pic. heh.