Thursday, January 31, 2008

What I woke up to this morning

Of course, I'm sick and can't go outside and play myself, so my oldest snapped these for me. My favorite is the one below of Oscar, the middle-aged bloodhound mix, frolicking. When he realized this morning that it had snowed, he practically begged to be let loose, standing by the door, letting out long slow whines. This was nothing compared to Sam who was up and dressed at six-thirty AM. His cheers and whoops echoed across the yard as he charged into the woods. I suspect Oscar would be making the same sounds if he could.


Scotty said...

Your back yard is way better than mine...


Mary Paddock said...

Thanks Scotty.

I don't have any budgies in mine though. Nor is there any chance of a koala bear coming for a visit. :)