Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is it any wonder why I love these creatures?

Abused dog tracks friendly GI over 70 miles


One of the musicians at the concert I went to on Sunday raises Blue Tick Hounds. He commented that he believes the reason we love dogs so much is because they give us the same unconditional love God does. They're simply lying in wait, listening for the words, "Lets go" and their reply is, without fail, "Great! Just tell me how I can help."

In our population we have six dogs (one for every person--or at least that's my rationalization). Of the six, five were beaten, abused, dumped, neglected, unwanted, or near death when we took them in. When we met each of them, it was extraordinarily obvious that they simply wanted to belong somewhere. And they've all given back ten times more than asked of them. I am not sure who is more blessed, us or them.

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Scotty said...

Both, in equal measures, by the sounds of it.