Monday, March 31, 2008


This afternoon Solomon began to demonstrate severe weakness in his hindquarters after our walk and it's grown worse as the evening's gone along. I am pretty sure he has a slipped disc, but I don't know the severity of it yet. German Shepherds are so prone to this that they call it German Shepherd Syndrome. In humans, most of the time it's a matter of bed rest. In dogs it's a lot more serious. What complicates things further is that he's nine years old (that's about sixty in people years) which means the damage may extensive, he just hasn't presented anything until now.

We're going to the vet in the morning. I have no idea how we're going to afford this.

It's been that kind of day, just in general.


Scotty said...

Aaaw, geez, Mary; you've been having a bad run of luck with the family pets lately...

And that's one of the reasons I haven't owned a pet since I had to put my last dog down about 15 years ago.

Mary O. Paddock said...

It kind of goes with having multiple pets--and nearly all of them rescues.

The biggest problem is that we've had recently is with more than one of them getting old at the same time. Random was seventeen. Solomon is nine. Oscar, the bloodhound-mix, is right behind him (Bloodhounds don't live very long).

I saved Solomon from sure death nine years ago, but the return was ten-fold; he saved me in a hundred more ways.