Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The sort of stuff you find . . .

when you're researching cults and witchcraft:

Interacting with Cults
Witches and Wicca
Some guy who thinks he can fly and that black magic is all in good fun

I've also got a book on the way, as our local library is fresh out of books on the history and workings of witch craft (seems that someone always checks it out and doesn't return it).

Also I'm currently researching the workings of the FBI and would love to take a tour of an actual (big) office instead of relying on my imagination and pictures of the outside of their buildings. Naturally there aren't too many pics of the inside of these places on the internet. However I think I'll have to trust Google and what I can find in books.

I'd also like to spend time with a cult, but something tells me that even if there was one nearby, they certainly aren't going to be enthused about my using them as inspiration.


Dennis Bryant said...

The feds are pretty cranky about pictures since the Oklahoma City bombing. I know a guy who was taking pictures of the federal building in St. Louis and got hauled into a back room by the guys in suits and dark glasses. It ended well, but not until he convinced them he was on legitimate business.

I'm curious though--do the cults down your way say Y'all? :-)

Big Plain V said...

I've known several wiccans pretty well, and one guy that was in a satanic cult, and I can tell you that they were all pretty much 'unpopular' and strange to begin with. The cults seemed wonderful to them because of the acceptance they found there. (this isn't just my insight, either, the satanist told me that)

Their attitude towards the establishment was that their religion was harmless, and those who vilified them were either ignorant, or the truly evil conspiring to suppress spiritual truths.

Hope this helps.

Mary Paddock said...

Dennis--Naah. But they do say "bless yore lil ol heart" a lot. I think they mean something different though.

Hi Ray. That did help quite a bit, thanks.