Thursday, April 03, 2008


I'm not sure who's a bigger disaster right now, me or Solomon.

I was stepping around him as he swaggered down the front steps like a drunken sailor, cautioning him to slow down and be careful, completely fixated on keeping him from stumbling and falling, then missed the entire first step myself, landing on the front walk all my weight on one foot, rolling it inward.

Anyway, it's ice packs and whining for me for a day or so.


Debby said...

Boy, Mary you are having quite a time of it lately. Between sick animals, floods, electrical appliances and writers block, it seems to me that a big break is due you shortly.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Thank you very much for the sympathy, but . . .

The floods didn't happen to us--not really; we suffered no losses other than extra gallons of gas for having to drive around flooded roads. Sick animals come from having an aging population of pets (we got them all within a couple of years of one another), the appliances are kind of the same-- all older (and purchased in the same window in time)-- and they've have all been repaired by my gifted sons, or replaced (using funds that miraculously appeared or, or I found nearly new at a local ReStore), and the writer's block is a part of the creative process .

If all of the above are the biggest problems we're facing, we don't have any real problems. We're simply caught up in the throes of life, you know?