Monday, April 28, 2008

Pea Ridge

Very good day--lots to see and do.

Just outside the visitor's center.

At center of the Lees Town site there was this two hundred year old tree. As you can see, the boys are all caught up in the idea of being Union Soldiers.

This is the Elkhorn Tavern, the site of a major battle scene where the the overconfidence of a Confederate General cost him a brief victory. Note: when facing an enemy, even if there are fewer of them than you, it's best to have more than a pocket full of amunition with you.


debby said...

Do you come from Civil War stock?

Mary Paddock said...

Hi Debby,

On my mother's-paternal side, yes (only discovered that within the last couple of weeks).

Interestingly, my mother was a Navy brat, born in Hawaii and grew up mostly in Houston, Texas. She and my stepfather visited Arkansas on a lark and my mother described the sensation of entering the Ozarks as like she was "coming home at last". I've spent most of my life here and have a strong sense of rootedness and no desire to live anywhere else (as closed as that makes me sound). I've traveled some, but am happiest here.

We just learned about four years ago that Mom's people came from Ireland and settled in the Ozarks in the early 1800s--just a few miles from where we lived--the epicenter as it were.

But our motivation for taking the boys to this is to supplement Joseph's American History lessons. He's developed an interest in it. The other two are catching it by default.

debby said...

Cara is ardently interested in WWII. She does not have a great history teacher at school, but the fellow at the antique store can make it come alive. Ironic, isn't it? Too bad we can't put the teacher in charge of the store, and the storekeeper in front of the students...

Scotty said...

Cool pictures, Mary - it's an interesting time from your history, isn't it?

Mary Paddock said...

Debby--I think the difference between a good and bad teacher is how much they care about making the subject matter to the student.

Scotty--What makes this interesting to us at the moment is that it is accessible history. This part of the civil war didn't happen on some battlefield three or four states away. It happened here. This is all about my desperate effort to communicate learning as a lifestyle to the boys.