Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another sub

I subbed to a big agency this morning. I liked their extensive list of clients. Also, they gave a very general outline for the content of the query letter and it didn't require that I address why I'd chosen them. Additionally, in the outline they asked the author to state their "publishing credits, if any." I liked that "if any" part. I have more than a handful of credits to my name, but only about three that I think would help my case as a "serious" writer.

I also subbed a poem the other day. This is the first time I've subbed one to a non-literary magazine (I don't make a habit of that. I've had a few accepted here and there, but I don't lie to myself about the quality of my poetry). This is a grassroots parenting magazine; it's all about nursing, organic eating, full-time parenting, homeschooling, and the like. I grew up reading this one because my Mom had it lying around and it was the first magazine I subscribed to when I became a mother. I'm hoping this will make getting a foot in the door a little easier when I decide I want to write an article for them.


Debby said...

Good luck Mary. I'm enjoying waiting to see what happens next!

alice said...

Oh - good luck!
(I came here via debby)

Mary O. Paddock said...

Thanks Debby!

Hi Alice. Thank you. Loved your blog--added it!