Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's always a good idea in theory . . .

A few months ago I agreed to run a youth lock-in at the church. In fact, if memory serves, it was my bright idea. So I spent last night in the company twenty kids and three or four adults. I mostly just paced the floors and kept things from getting out of hand when the crowd's enthusiasm got the better of them.

Staying up all night always sounds so easy in abstract. It was easy for the kids, it was the grown ups who suffered from the nods. (I miss being able to stay up until dawn without benefit of stimulants). The kids had a great time playing music and they had a huge "Guitar Hero" tournament. I'm not sure I quite understand the appeal there; it's noisy and there isn't much of an opportunity to develop any real sensitivity to music, but they seemed to get a kick out of it.

We sent home exhausted but happy kids this morning. New friendships were formed and they left with good feelings about church that I hope they'll remember next fall when they start casting around for youth groups to attend.

Jeremiah and I are already laying plans for a concert/worship service next fall.

Meanwhile, I'm exhausted and I want to go to bed.


alice said...

You are a good person, mary p. I am honoured to 'know' you.

Debby said...

You nnnnneeeeeeever want to close your eyes around a herd of teenagers....even the good 'uns. They're a creative bunch.