Saturday, May 10, 2008


I subbed "Nothin's Broke" to a parenting magazine today. I've got another idea for an article I'll play with tomorrow.

Freelancing is instensely competitive and I'm already seeing roadblocks. One of those is that editors want you to already be an established freelance writer before you query them and at least two of them requested copies of articles already published in "national magazines". Then they always say something to the effect of "We love to work with new talent".

I wonder how they work that out in their heads?

Meanwhile I've gathered list B of agents--longer this time--and will be subbing to them next week when we get paid. I'm still waiting to hear from two agents. One I've written off, the other I may give a nudge to if I don't hear from them by the first of June.


bjm said...

Hi Mary

Just saw we haven't "talked" since January. Shameful on my part. I did read most of One and really liked it but can't remember it. ;=(

Mary Paddock said...

Nope, we haven't, you rotten, rotten friend you. You'd think you were in school or something. :)

Glad to hear from you, Benjamin.

As for chapter one and your inability to remember it, I'm not sure who that says more about me or you, however I think I'll blame it on your high pressure schedule.

I see you went and got yourself a blog. I'll go post a first comment on your blog and see if I can get an avalanche of discussion started.