Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update on Willows Blood

It's moving along well, though the word count is lower than I care for at this stage (just past 30,000). My daily average is down at the moment, but it's steady and moving forward.

My ongoing concern has been that it's moving along too fast and that the word count won't be high enough. Willows Blood has been more action-packed than the first book was, probably because I know the characters so well. Gary sneaked in and read it the other day when I wandered away to make coffee and he said that he likes the way I've taken my foot off the brakes. His biggest complaint has always been that I'm too restrained as a writer. Literary roots showing, I suppose.

The villain has been a lot of fun to write. There's no secret about who she is, just whether or not she'll be thwarted in time to save the victim(s). So painting her in all her evil shades of nastiness has allowed me to unleash my gift for writing about creepy things. Supernatural bad guys--or gals in this case--are fun.

No word from agents, by the way. I'm beginning to wonder if they even got my e-mails or (worse) they sent responses and I didn't get them. I'm hesitant to contact them this soon so I guess I'll be a good girl and sit tight a little longer. I did send a follow up on one that's been out since early March. Meanwhile I did find another agent that I'm going to contact by mail this week. This waiting part of being a writer really, really sucks, by the way. In case I haven't mentioned it before.


Anonymous said...

Crossing my everything for you here, it will be fine, I am sure, you are just a little anxious... ;)

Scotty said...

Slow and steady, eh, Mary?

Sucks about the not hearing from agents yet though.

Mary Paddock said...

Many thanks rhubarb wine.

Hi Scotty. I did finally e-mail the one I queried four months ago and she replied almost immediately (very nice about it too). It seems her intern has it and she has no idea what the status is.