Sunday, July 06, 2008


Simon Haynes put me on to Wonderlands, a network site for folks who are fans and/or writers of the fantasy genre.

It's got blogging capabilities (though I'll probably stay where I am--who needs more than one of these things to keep straight?) and a forum for discussing subjects pertinent to the genre. All in all, I'm impressed.

The site is uncluttered with ads and is easy to configure. I was able to quickly upload pictures and songs from my very own computer (No searching around for players or fighting license issues--this uploads licenses from your computer as well). Personally, I'm a big fan of any site that shortens the learning curve so that I can get on with simply decorating and setting up shop. If I want to build a webpage, I'll build a webpage--that's a totally different thing. Social Networking sites should all be this straight forward.


Anonymous said...

Another link and site to check out - thanks!

Oh - and you are tagged - and awarded!

Scotty said...

Ditto from me on the thanks.


Julie Carter said...

Oh dear. Another website to go and become hooked on. Dangit! :D

Have I lured you to try Goodreads yet? Hey, little girl, want some candy?!

Mary Paddock said...

Many thanks RW! I'll tackle it tomorrow evening. :)

Hi Scotty, I thought you in particular might be interested.

Thanks Julie. I've thus far managed to avoid it. :) However if you say it's cool, it must be.
Little girl reaches for bright, shiny sweets . . .