Friday, August 08, 2008

Stuff you may not know about me

Scotty and I had a brief exchange by way of e-mail today that led to my commenting on a piece of milk glass my mother had given me for my birthday. I stated that I collect WWII era china. Scotty replied that he'd learned something new about me and he half-jokingly suggested a blog entry about "finding out something new about someone you know".

This sounded like fun and I could use a bit more of that at the moment. I don't know about you, but I enjoy learning surprising things about my friends. In the case of online friends, I like to think of it as creating a 3D "be there" effect.

So tell me, what's something surprising that I might not know about you?


Ray Veen said...

Hi Mary - there's absolutely nothing interesting about me at all. I just wanted to comment.

(loved your black dog post)

Debby said...

I will address this in my next post. Good question though. Make Scotty answer it too. Big plain v: everyone is interesting. I've never met a boring person yet. My kids have. They tell me it is me.

Scotty said...

Well, speaking of collectibles: when I was younger, I was a keen philatelist, and I also used to be able to call myself a part-time phillumenist.

The only things I collect these days are sci-fi DVD's but I do have a complete set of the original first series Pokemon cards; you never know, I could be sitting on a goldmine with those, lol.

Dennis Bryant said...

I'm a huge fan of the Craftsman Style of architecture. Every winter I try to build at least one piece of Stickley, Greene & Greene or Limbert furniture.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Ray--I happen to know that you tell a great story and that you like hard lemonade. A lot apparently. :) And thank you.

Debby-Thanks. I saw your post. Cute story about being a "hoon" (never heard that word before).

Scotty--Pokemon cards? That is s surprise. And thank you for adding phillumenist my vocabulary. On its own the word sounds like something that should glow.

Dennis--I looked up the term "crafts man style architecture". I love the deep slope of the roofs and and the eaves. The furniture has nice simple lines. I can see why you like it.