Sunday, August 24, 2008


If you're like me, occasionally you run out of material to talk about (Hush. Don't believe everything you hear) and this kind of thing is a fun break.

My uncle once: let my thirteen year old brother drive his Ferarri. I'm still holding that over his head.

Never in my life: Have I seen a whale. This on the short list of "things I want to do before I die".

When I was five: My best friend was my dog. Not much has changed.

High School was: Agonizingly awful. There is nothing I want to relive except maybe meeting my first love again. First kisses are wonderful.

I will never forget: The first time I saw my oldest's face after he was born. The doctor placed him on my stomach, he began to cry. I wrapped my arms around his wet, slimy little body and sang to him ("You are my hiding place" by Maranatha). He stopped in mid-howl and turned his head so he could see me. The biggest pair of bright blue eyes I've ever seen met mine and we gazed at one another as I sang to him. For a full two minutes, the delivery room was silent and everyone was motionless. It wouldn't have mattered if they had ignored us, because as far as we were concerned, there wasn't anyone else in the world.

Once I met: lots of other people who've actually met famous people. I've never been so lucky.

There's this girl I know: Strong and spirit filled and trying her hardest to save a failing marriage. I want to tell her to give up, that she can do better than her dumb jerk of a husband who doesn't know what he's got. The thing is, I think she knows she could do better, but she believes they can make this work if they try.

Once, at a bar: A guy asked me to dance and spent the rest of the evening following me around, trying to get me to dance with him. He also stood behind me and warned other guys off. Finally, when it dawned on me and the friends I was with that he was going to follow me out into the parking lot, one of my roommates' boyfriends stood physically between us and stared him down. At that point a bouncer caught what was going on and intervened. After that I only went to bars with boyfriends.

By noon: I'm usually well into a pot of coffee, I've walked two miles and/or written five hundred or so words.

Last night: I made angels.

If only I had: known life would go by this fast. I would have spent less of my twenty-something years fretting about my appearance and a lot more time enjoying it.

Next time I go to church; Three of my sons will be baptized. The two middle boys have just completed confirmation classes (Methodist Church). My youngest came to me two months ago and asked me if he could be baptized along with them. As I was concerned that he was just following in his older brothers' footsteps, we had a long talk. I found that, as nine year olds go, his grasp of what he believes and why is pretty good. His reasons for baptism are simple; he accepted Christ into his heart several months ago and simply wants to seal the deal. That's more than good enough for me.

What worries me most: Good grief. Do I have to choose just one thing? How about just "yes".

When I turn my head to the right: I see a row of dog beds, bookshelves, a printer and file cabinet and sunflower wallpaper.

You know I'm lying when: I say that I don't mind it when my husband doesn't pick up behind himself.

What I miss about the 80s is: being younger, I guess. I lived in an apartment for a few years in Springfield, surrounded by friends and lots of places within easy walking distance or just a bus ride away. There were lots of Friday night gatherings at my apartment with me serving whatever I had in the house. Good times, good times . . .

If I were a character in Shakespeare:Rosalind from "As you like it".

By this time next year: I hope to be published. Failing that (or in addition to it), I hope to be in better physical shape.

A better name for me would be: Mom

I have a hard time understanding: How people can abuse children. Further more, I don't understand how mothers can stand aside and let other people (spouses, boyfriends) hurt their children.

If I ever go back to school: I'll get a degree in teaching.

You'll know I like you if: I pick up the phone when you call. I believe answering machines were one of our better inventions.

If I ever won an award the first person that I would thank is: My long suffering husband.

Take my advice: Don't put off living your life, spending time with your kids, or doing the things that bring you the most joy. If you're not careful you'll waste a lot of time waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect person, the perfect job.

My ideal breakfast is: An omlette with lots of veggies and cheese in it. Homemade biscuits and tons of fruit.

A song I love but do not have: "Can't take my eyes off of you" by Andy Williams. Why, you ask? You've obviously never heard my husband sing it.

If you visit my hometown: You'll find a tiny little place made up of a couple hundred people, a single church building, a one room school house (closed long ago), a fire station, and a grocery store that only opens when you call the owner to tell him you need something. And goats. You'll see lots of goats.

Why won't people simply: treat each other with more respect and caring. If we hold the old cliche "be kind to everyone you meet for we're all fighting a hard battle" as a philosophy of dealing with others, the world would have a lot fewer problems.

If you ever spend the night at my house you probably won't get any sleep because: I'll want to stay up all night talking with you.

I'd stop my wedding for: Since I didn't have one of these, I don't know. Umm . . . John Cusack?

The world could do without: War.

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: have touch a tarantula.

My favorite blonde is: My second borne son, Daniel.

Paper Clips are: One of God's better inventions.

If I do anything well, it's: teach.

I can't help but stand up for: People who've been wronged. Animals who've been abused. Self-doubt doesn't enter into that equation at all.

I cry over: Romantic movies (And I've been known to get sniffly over the same scenes in the same movies every time I see them), when someone does a kindness for me that I didn't see coming. I've been known to cry when I'm angry and that just makes me angrier because men don't take a crying woman as seriously.

My advice to my children is: Be honest. Be kind always. Work hard. Play hard. Love with every fiber of your being. Seek God's will in everything you do. Give your mother grandchildren.

And by the way: Today is my nineteenth wedding anniversary.


Pencil Writer said...

Happy Anniversary! And many more! (My husband and I've doubled your # of years.) Good answers. Thanks for sharing them.

Debby said...

I enjoyed your answers as well, Mary. This was a long 'tag', but very enlightening. I was pleased that Scotty answered as well. Hey, by the by, are you having trouble accessing his answers? His site seems to be malfunctioning.

Mary Paddock said...

Thanks PW. Every time we think we've accomplished something (and we have) someone reminds us that we're still wet behind the ears. :)

Hi Debby. Looks like his blog works if you're using Fire Fox, but IE isn't it loading correctly. I've run into this a time or two with his pages, then it resolves itself without any real rhyme or reason. For the time being, if you click on the entry title, it will take you to the whole page.

Scotty said...

And a very Happy Anniversary to you, Mary - here's hoping you have many more good years too.

Sorry you have trouble getting my blog occasionally but that's one of the reasons I don't use IE at all; it's so twitchy about things at times.


Big Plain V said...

Hmmm... very enlightening.