Sunday, September 21, 2008

A single line

Last night was the night of the "big" Christian Rock Concert my son and I put together. All in all, it went well. Praise God. Yay us.

Among the talented individuals there was a young man by the name of Carter Hulsey who writes and sings his own material. Here's his My Space Page if you'd like to give him a listen. We're big on undiscovered talent in this house and I'm a believer in supporting local musicians, especially young local musicians. This is our next generation after all.

When Carter sings and plays you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's doing exactly what he was born to do. But what caught my ear as much as the music was his song writing. Because he's barely twenty, his talent is still raw, but he has an uncanny gift for stringing words together and putting them to music (hard to do both).

Ever had a single line catch your ear and replay itself out over in your head? Of the many songs he sang last night, Valentine, his most popular among his surprise cult-follwing, is caught in the cogs of my brain as having one of the better lines I've heard. He's singing to a guy dating the girl he himself will meet and marry some day. Actually, as I understand it, sometimes he's singing to the girl and sometimes he's singing to the guy. He's just gotten through warning the guy that he'd better "sweep her off her feet" (treat her right--take her home, help her wait, etc), because he himself will "be there when she's lands" (whenever the relationship is over). But the line that caught my attention, (as he sang it last night--different than his recording) was:

"'cause when she lands, I'll take her hand
and together we'll draw a map to never coming back"

Isn't that cool?


Scotty said...

Cool indeed, Mary. Much like how a good line or image grabs us in a poem, isn't it?

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.


Big Plain V said...

Yeah. And a really interesting concept for a song. Those Christians think of everything.

Mary Paddock said...

I did, Scotty. But I'm also really glad it's over.

Ray--It is an interesting concept, especially from someone so young.