Friday, September 12, 2008

Lifehouse Everything

I saw this performed live at a Christian youth concert last winter. In what was a long evening full of Christian Rock, some of which was simply too loud and too garbled for these middle-aged ears to appreciate, it was welcome break. People were preparing to make for concessions and bathrooms, but even without any props on a bare stage, it was powerful enough to stop several hundred in their tracks.

I seriously doubt there was a dry eye in the crowd, though it would be hard for me to say, I was too busy wiping mine away. The skit laid bare the struggle to stay close to God in a world overwhelmed by distractions and temptations. It doesn't hurt for even the adult Christians to remember that we are never so far in our walk as to be beyond this challenge.

My oldest son, who's in charge of the youth group's myspace page, posted this today. When I paused to view it, I was moved once again by the frank message it expresses to our youth to keep up the fight.

By the way, I may be the last adult on the planet to have seen this particular video (I often am), so if you've seen it before . . . well . . . just watch it again. :)


Debby said...

Very moving.

We took a couple teenagers to hear Casting Crowns. Gosh, but do they put on a show! They are powerful, powerful musicians.

Scotty said...

2nd to last adult to have seen it, Mary.


Big Plain V said...

I love Christian drama. Only, sometimes it hurts to look at it.

Mary Paddock said...

I've been to a few concerts aimed at teens, Debby. Some are fun, all are hard on the ears.

Thanks Scotty. Now I don't feel quite so out of touch.

Ray--Yeah, true.