Saturday, October 11, 2008

Going, going, gone

I asked my oldest son to throw something together so his grandfather could hear his music. Typical kid, he left it until late last night so he's not satisfied with the quality. He "stacked" this himself using his computer, a mike, heaphones, and two guitars. To those who don't know what that is--it's a matter of playing along with a recording of yourself and/or other musicians. Not easy at all. For a demo he just threw together this is pretty remarkable. The funny thing is, while I'm more than happy with this, I've heard him do better. He's at his best when he's not worried about being perfect.

When I attempted to upload just the MP3, I discovered that blogger wouldn't let me just upload just the file. Some quick homework revealed that if I created a movie file I could "cheat". So now you've got a sample of my son's music, my first attempt to use Window's Movie Maker, and about three years of my oldest son's life all in one fell-swoop (and I have no idea what a "fell swoop" is, but apparently it's like a giant scoop of several somethings, or so my mother says).

In other news, he's gotten a little tired of trying to make musicians out of all of his friends so he'll have someone to play with. I can't blame him--he's set up gigs and practices more than once and only had one or two band members show up. His Dad and I talked him joined a new worship band at another Methodist Church. As we expected they loved him. And, as it turns out, T, the leader over there has been after him since last summer to do this. T just contacted him tonight to announce that their group is playing at WOW, a huge Methodist Church event that draws as many as two thousand youth and youth leaders from across Southwest Missouri every January. (I blogged about this exhausting event last year). He is beside himself with excitement as he'll be playing on the same stage as big names like Stellar Kart .

Writing update: My laptop is going with me in the hopes that there will be time to work. I'm down to the last 30,000 words of Willow's Blood, but I've been sitting on it for about three weeks. I'm prone to do this when I near the end of a book. The next steps are big ones and I want to talk them out with Gary before I write them (this is part of my process, don't ask me why. I'm just going to disregard most of what he says anyway). The last time I was there, I wrote the last twenty thousand over the course of four days. Having no access to the internet has its advantages. Also, I've got letters out to two (three? can't remember) agents.

Okay, the rental car is pulling up. We're outta here!

Debby: Philippians 4:11-13


Debby said...

Thanks, Mary...hope you all are having fun.

Scotty said...

Cool, Mary, very cool - tell him I enjoyed it very much. My attempts at learning to play guitar was like listening to two cats fighting on a fence.


PS - have fun and see ya when you get back.

Big Plain V said...

Getting away can be very good for the writing, or it can be very bad.

Here's to hoping it's good.

Your son is pretty good. Much better than I was at his age. Although, in your slide show, you forgot to include pictures of his mother.

Bandersnatchi said...

Have a nice trip.
Post pix when you get back.