Friday, October 24, 2008

My favorite vacation pictures

Cutting to the chase--After last night's debacle, I've decided to summarize for your viewing pleasure.

This is Yellowstone Lake (Note the steam from the sulfur pools in the foreground). Is there a name for this shade of blue? Do you think the "sky just before the fast of light breaks with the sunrise" is too long (and too horribly over the top)? Probably wouldn't fit well on a Crayola label, would it?

Joe and Sam discussing perspective

The Absaroka Range in the late afternoon. Suddenly "there's gold in them-thar-hills" takes on new meaning. My camera simply could not do this effect justice. And neither can my vocabulary.

The Holy City, a rock formation in the Absaroka Mountain Range

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Old Faithful was . . .

well worth it!

Insert inadequate image here

The day we left Wyoming behind, we drove through the Big Horn Mountains. At ten thousand feet above sea level, we were in the clouds and looking across the terrain below. There is no picture of this because all the camera revealed was thick clouds and what looks like deep green weeds and were actually trees. Broken sections of railing told the sobering tale of drivers who didn't heed the the yellow "steep curve" signs, whose cars didn't quite follow the lead of a road that wound back on itself like a roller coaster. A mixture of fear and awe overtook all five of us and the car was strangely silent, except for the occasional gasp as we climbed to the highest points. Along the way, we stopped at overlooks and became sight-companions with another couple who had also stopped to snap pictures and stare, smiling at one another we quietly, reverently, talked about the scope of the world from that height. Somehow it seemed appropriate that we were doing this on a Sunday morning and even more appropriate that the couple who stopped with us were sheepishly late to church, so distracted they were by his handiwork.


Anonymous said...

I absolutley love this new look, by the way. It's very very nice on the eye.

Scotty said...

That Holy City rock formation is very cool and of course, there are no words required for Old Faithful.

Thanks for the photographic travelogue so far.


Big Plain V said...

I could totally see the gold in the hills.

I know it's not the subject of your post, but I vote for keeping this template too - it's one of the coolest I've ever seen.

Mary Paddock said...

Thanks rw! I'm still debating as to whether I'm going to keep it.

Scotty--I think I'm done. Other people's slide shows of their vactions are boring. :)

Hi Ray. Thanks for the vote. It is interesting, isn't it? I thought it added to the whole "Jumping off cliffs" thing nicely.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Wow. We just don't have ANYTHING like that in the UK. Probably why we spend so much time abroad I guess. Oh, and great template too.

Pencil Writer said...

Great post and great scenery! Love the "The Holy City" moniker for that one mountain top. Thanks for sharing!

I vote to keep your "blog spot" as is. It is wonderful. (I'm using awesome too much, though I believe it works well here. I'm changing to "wonderful" to avoid the over usage of that other word.;-})

Debby said...

Jees my comment did not take. I enjoyed looking at your vacation pictures, and yes, I vote that you keep the new look.

Mary Paddock said...

Stevyn--You guys do have that whole Stonehenge and castle thing going for you.

PW--I was really struck by the Holy City formation. If you study it any length of time, some of the stones look like figurines.