Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carol of the Bells

At my behest, my oldest agreed to do an arrangement of Carol of the Bells for me to post here. He's been listening to the Trans Siberian Orchestra over and over for weeks, trying to capture whatever it is they brought to the piece. He arranged this and is playing all the parts.

The slide show was simply something I threw together because Blogger won't let you just upload music.


Big Plain V said...

Very dramatic. Very moving. Very impressive.

As a guitarist, I can appreciate the complexity of the arrangement - well thought out layers.

Tell your son, I've been playing since I was about his age, and I'll probably never reach the level of sophistication that he's at.

Mary Paddock said...

I told him Ray and he said thank you.

He's been playing since he was about thirteen and the instrument quickly became his passion. Someone once asked him how he got so good so fast and he replied, "I was a home schooled teenager; I was bored and there was nothing else to do. But I didn't really get into it until I went to church camp and saw a musician in a band they brought in play guitar behind his head. I just had to learn how to do that. Somewhere in there I started caring about the music."

Julie Carter said...

Oh, well done. Tell him how impressed I am!

Debby said...

I'm trying to get past the beginning 'at my behest'...your teenage son did something because you asked him to? Wow.