Sunday, December 21, 2008

The wrap up (aka The end)

Willows Blood is down to the wrap up. To those who aren't fluent in maryspeak, this means that I am down to the last two or three pages.

The bad guy (gal this time around) is vanquished. The heroes have triumphed. The end.

Merry Christmas to me.

Now can I have some eggnog?


Captain Goldensword - superhero of righteousness said...

Greetings citizen. I was drawn here by the supraharmonic emanatations of the combination of the words 'bad guy', 'vanguished', 'heroes', and 'triumphed'.

If this book does indeed have these elements working in harmonious harmony - as your word-stringing powers seem to indicate - then you have a fan in Captain Goldensword.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes you can! I will even make it for you :)

Debby said...

Rhubarb - while you're making hers, do you want to make me a glass too?

Scotty said...

Woo-hoo, Mary. Bet you're happy, huh?


Big Plain V said...

Oh yeah, I love this point in the writing process. It feels all warm and tingly and you know you've accomplished a 'big deal', and you don't hate every word of your MS yet cuz you haven't started revising.

Enjoy it, Mary.

Scotty said...

PS - and in case we don't get a chance to catch up beforehand, here's wishing you and yours all the best for Christmas, Mary.