Friday, February 06, 2009

Born Again American and minor update

I've been preoccupied the last few days with illness. First mine, then my ten year old son's, and finally, last summer's feline orphan, Tara. If you're not interested in cats, you can scroll down to the section entitled "The Video" and I won't be offended.

Sam and I are better (though still sniffling a bit), but the cat's still under the weather. The vet ran several tests and came up with no good explanation except possibly FIP, which she would have picked up from her mother (I just learned that Tara is the only kitten from the litter who survived--I agreed to take her on when she was three weeks and she's now seven months). I've managed to nurse her through two days (syringing watered-down liquid supplement into her mouth) and am seeing some signs of improvement. She ate some plain yogurt for me this morning--which is the first thing she's eaten voluntarily since Monday. She's also complaining about being confined to my room and is very affectionate, which is a nice change from the listless, dehydrated cat lying in my arms with an IV line inserted in her front leg two days ago. I think if we can get her past this episode, then she'll probably be with us for a while, even if it is FIP. By the way, for the non-cat people out there--this is what I'm talking about: Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

All my older cats are fine, though terribly jealous of the special treatment Tara's getting. They keep hovering around my bedroom door, watching terrific dishes of food come and go and climbing into my lap at every opportunity to express their deep and abiding affection for me.

The Video

I received the link to this video in my e-mail this morning. For some odd reason, just the song moved me. Then when I read the story of the musicians behind the song I was blown away. I think it's their sincerity and the thought that there are still people out there who still believe in our country, despite the mistakes we've made, and the blows we've taken of late.

If you want more information about this movement (and to add your name to the petition) go check out the link

PS. Still waiting on agents' responses to the last batch of queries.


Pencil Writer said...

Mary, much commiseration on the ailing feline, Tara. I still can't bear to look at the pictures we took of little Franny and Zooey. Hope she recovers soon. Glad you and son are doing better. :)

Pencil Writer said...

Great Video and message! I do believe we have to stand up and let our elected representatives know what our core values are and not sit back and just "hope" they get it right. There's a bunch of scary stuff coming to light in ole D.C. lately.

Thanks, Mary.

Debby said...

I'm proud that we have a president who seems to be in touch with what the people want, a president who is willing to stand and say, "In this new era of responsibility, I say the error was mine, and it will not happen again. NAFTA was conceived by the Reagan administration and this has not done good for us. I love the line from the song that says, "there's a lot of good people ready to help." That's us. We've got to quit bickering, and we've got to put in together, regardless of our politics to set this country aright. There are a lot of people having pretty hard times right now.

The things coming to light right now were things that should have been coming to light before now. Hurrah for the light!