Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Temporary location

We're having electrical problems in my office that will probably mean calling in people more knowledgeable than my husband and nineteen year old. As this is the scary kind of electrical issue that's accompanied by the smell of burning wires, it's likely to be a few days. This means I'm temporarily working at the dining room table. Since my dining room and living room are the same place and this is where my children hang out, you can imagine how much togetherness I'm experiencing.

Let me give you an excerpt of what happens when one tries to write with children in the room:

"I think you should write about leopards."

"Thanks Sam, but this story isn't about leopards. It's about a woman who is trying to save the guy she loves from an evil cult leader."

"Well maybe she could have a pet leopard."

"No. I don't think she has the time for that."

"How about an evil leopard? The cult leader--what's a cult leader?--anyway the cult leader could have an evil leopard. That would be cool. It could eat people and stuff and--hey it could be a magic evil leopard even . . . "



"Go watch Lion King."


Sigh . . .


Dennis Bryant said...

I kinda like the leapord angle :-D

Scotty said...

Hope it's nothing too serious (or expensive) with regard to the wiring, Mary. I was gonna ask if you have fluorescent lighting in that office because, when a ballast resistor goes in one of those things, it often gives off what we refer to as the 'brown' smell.

Leopards and Lion King, hehe.

AtomicSnowflake said...

I'm sorry, but uh.... the leopard really is a cool idea. I just have to agree with your child. I really think you should incorporate it into the story. I honestly believe you could make it work! -Just try it for practice. You may be surprised.