Monday, December 14, 2009

Nobody's getting soap for Christmas this year

I tried, I really did. I even followed the directions to the letter (not my strong suit). The crafters who sent me the supplies lied. It is not easy and it is not just like pouring candles.

Just put it in thick double-up gallon freezer bags and drop it in the boiling water

The freezer bags melted before the soap did.

Just place the dye and the scent in the bag with the smoothly melted rebatch and mix it in by rolling the bag around in your hands.

Hey, what's a few second degree burns when you're making gifts for beloved relatives and friends, right?

Smoothly squeeze your soap mixture into the soap molds, gently pressing it into the corners and flattening it as you go. Wipe up your stove--clean up is easy! And go put up your feet. You've earned it!

Soap does not just squeeze out of the bag and you lose half of it because it suddenly finds its cooling point while you're still trying to get some into the first mold. Oh, and it doesn't just "fill the mold", you have to press it into place. And the clean up? Well, let's just say my stove and counters now smell like Morning Glories (and I didn't even know that flower had a scent).

The only thing candle making and soap making have in common is the stove. Whereas candles want to be made, want to melt and blend with the scent and the dye; are anxious to go forth and light the paths of the lost and lovers alike, soap is a cantankerous thing that resists all change.

On a brighter note, there will be no excuses not to wash ones' self thoroughly for the next few months as there will lots and lots of odd shaped, streaky chunks of soap lying about.

And at present my house smells really good and probably will for a really long time.

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