Thursday, December 24, 2009

A White Christmas

This was not my idea at all, but it appears we are heading toward a white Christmas in the Ozarks with a remarkable rapidity. In fact, we will be nearing blizzard conditions.

My youngest has been praying for snow for several weeks. I would say that God must have heard him and decided that "Weatherman Sam" as we've taken to calling him because of his recent interest in weather patterns, had earned some snow. I think in the future I will ask Sam to indicate how much snow he wants, or a lottery ticket.

All is well on Christmas eve in the Paddock house. The presents have all been bought or made, but nothing's wrapped. It seems to be something of a family tradition to leave this step until the last minute. My brother commented today that he probably wouldn't be sleeping much tonight because he had presents to wrap and toys to put together. I'm hip, I told him. I'm hip. You reckon it's genetic?

I commissioned the boys to make or buy presents for one another this year. I must say, I'm proud of their efforts. Sam made a solar system from Styrofoam balls and sticks for one brother, a puppet theater for another, and model guitar for another. Joseph is busy making rag dolls (out of socks and yarn) for all of them. Daniel is making up coupons for homemade pizzas to be made on Saturday. Jeremiah . . . I'm honestly not sure what he's doing, but he's been making trips to Walmart regularly.

The tree is decorated, my nativity scenes are up, and a string of lights are strung around the room, giving the old place a warm, cheery glow. I've set the table for tomorrow's Christmas dinner.

Now it's off to sleep with alarm set for the wee am so we can get up and wrap presents before the boys wake up.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Smoke said...

A white xmas, must be fun. I live down in sunny South Africa and we just had a Scorcher