Friday, June 04, 2010

Lilies of the Field (and flowerbeds)

 Occasionally, being absent minded is a little like giving yourself a surprise party. Back in April I planted some roses, some bulbs, and a few flowers that will reseed themselves. Being me, I was sure I'd remember what I planted where so I didn't bother to place markers near any of the bulbs. I promptly forgot (I did this with the vegetables too--I currently have hills of squash, watermelon, cucumbers, and pumpkins, and until the squash started appearing I wasn't sure which was which). When I confessed this, my much amused mother (who can identify every single rose bush she has and where or who she got it from) asked me just exactly what I was going to do about this and I told her I'd just wait for them to bloom.

Below is a picture of an Asiatic Lily that I found blooming in the flowerbed between the garden and the green house this morning.  (TAH-DAH! Surprise! Surprise!) 

Here is Scotty's Gecko keeping watch over the flower bed (I had to laugh at Oscar, the bloodhound, who apparently noticed it for the first time at dusk the other evening. He bayed at it for a good five minutes before we convinced him to move on. He won't be taking any short cuts through my flower beds anytime soon as he's pretty sure that wiggly glowing thing will get him)

And, in case you've been wondering (and even if you weren't), here is the garden in progress. We should be picking green beans by the middle of next week. It got too hot too soon for the peas. Lesson learned: peas should be planted in February. 

Here's one of the tomato plants in the greenhouse. You can't see it in this picture, but its loaded with fruit as are most of its partners. Growing plants like this is a completely new experience and not without its headaches. Sadly, I've had one fatality thanks to my tendency to over water (I think I gave it an extra gallon whilst in a watering induced hypnosis and didn't catch it until late the next day). I'm considering joining OWCA (Over Waterer's Club of America). I hear they have a twelve step program.

I can't wait to see what blooms next! 


Debby said...

Great garden! You're so far ahead of us...

Pencil Writer said...

Oh, the joys of gardening. Your garden reminds me a lot of ours. Our beans, however, will be a little later.

But it's just so wonderful to have all the fresh produce and the joy of knowing you did it! And it looks so great! And the flowers are great!

Can you imagine how great the Garden of Eden must have been? And to think: NO WEEDS! (Just a snake . . . a cunning, mean-spirited snake.) Yet, because of that temptation laden snake, we are here enjoying life in mortality. Even with the weeds and critters.

Enjoy you discoveries, Mary.

Anonymous said...

I do that ALL THE TIME with bulbs. I am so terrible at remembering what was where!

Scotty said...

Looks great, Mary.

Anonymous said...

"Occasionally, being absent minded is a little like giving yourself a surprise party" - I can really relate to this!

Wonderful pics, great garden.


Mary O. Paddock said...

Thanks Debbie! I think being further south helps. :)

PW--I think of the Garden of Eden every time I combat bugs. :)

RH--It's fun though, isn't it?


David--Long time, no see! Thanks!