Friday, February 11, 2011

Behold--Winter Cometh--and Goeth

There are areas of the country that get a lot more snow than we do. Still, for the Ozarks, our amounts have been pretty dignified this year. The most recent have offered up a solid ten inches on top of the previous five or so and plenty of ice. This meant that all the schools were closed and gave us ample time to play outside. 

Well, those who wanted to anyway.

Clancy and I share similar feelings concerning the white stuff. It's cold and wet. And it gets in the way. Clancy very much wishes I'd stop dragging him outside every few hours.  He's been somewhat adamant about it--and this has earned him some long days in his kennel, if you get my drift. (ahem) 

Oscar-- on the other hand-- 

 -loves it. And his enthusiasm is infectious. Even curmudgeonly Molly (Sam's middle aged Pointer) can't resist Oscar's invitation to romp. 

And--in the end--he convinced Clancy to play tag. 

We're due a huge melt-off this weekend. To tell the truth, I'm genuinely sorry to see it go. Everyone will be back in school (including me), and life will resume it's usual hectic pace with everyone running different directions and me trying to keep up with everything, including my studies. This has not been a happy semester for me (topic for another entry).  BUT! BUT--

Spring is coming. And soon this--

Will look a lot more like---


And shortly behind it, will be summer break and things will slow down a little and I'll have some time to make some decisions and catch my breath. And THAT is something to look forward to. 


Bandersnatchi said...

Nice pix.
Didja see the winter video I posted on my blog - taken from our carport, it shows the new snow, the accumulation and an added Xmas greeting.
It's at:

Winter Wonderland.
Of course, we get that quite often, unlike the Ozarks.

Mary O. Paddock said...

I saw it on your facebook page. And I commented on it. :)

As for the snow here--I like the fact that we only get two to three good sized snows (on average) in the winter. It's enough to slow things down, play in a bit, then it melts and we can go on about our business. Kind of like relatives that don't overstay their welcome.