Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The final weeks

Three more class sessions, then finals.

 Sometimes it seems like these last weeks of school are like the last mile of a marathon and it is all I can do to just make it to the finish line. Before Easter I hit a wall, sat in front of my math trying to solve problems I'd done dozens of times. My brain was blank. I got one answer wrong after another. It made no sense--I wasn't physically tired and I didn't think I was mentally fatigued.

Gary spotted the trouble and suggested I take a couple of days off from it. I argued with him (I hate putting schoolwork off), but he was right. It was as though I'd pulled some mental muscle (Is there a mathematical hamstring?) So I put it down for three days and turned my attention to a paper that isn't due until finals' week.  I had a question about how the professor wanted something done so I sent him an email, not expecting a reply until sometime after Easter.

Late that evening, while typing, I received an answer to my question and this-  "You are a pleasure to have in class. And your work is EXCELLENT". (His caps, not mine).

As though he knew I needed someone to cheer me on the last few yards.

Today I sat down and finished my math. It was a bit of a battle at first, but halfway through I found a rhythm.  I have a test in there tomorrow. I hope I can sustain the pace.

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