Friday, April 15, 2011


Because I'm not tired from an extremely long week of classes and other college related responsibilities (one of which included a three hour hike at a local nature center with 30 other students and one dynamo of an elderly professor), I'm taking my two middle teens to a nearby town tomorrow morning in the wee am hours so they can be apart of one of those community service projects I'm always saying are such a good idea.

And because I'm not wealthy enough to drive back and forth twice, I'm going to carry my lap top to a nearby McDonald's and sit and drink coffee whilst trying to get my homework done (not because I have deadlines or anything . . .). I did this late last Saturday night when I took Daniel to prom.  It would have worked out well if the other customers had been boring. But a group of young cowboys sat at the next table talking among themselves about bull riding and showing off for the cute girl who was tagging along. And then I couldn't help but notice a group of 70 somethings sitting at the edge of the indoor playground while eating ice cream cones and chatting animatedly. None of them played on the equipment, but I think it was only because they (marginally) exceeded the height requirement. These groups were eventually replaced by one chatty man who divulged a fair chunk of his life's story over his burger and fries. I don't know if I looked lonely or he felt lonely. Either way, I did not mind this as his life's story was far more interesting than the paper I was writing about online educational sites.  Perhaps I'll just take my Kindle and read the rest of Mark Twain's Innocents Abroad. It's a lot lighter.

And when I get back I'm going to plant those two rose bushes I bought two days ago and hope that I have not waited too long to do so. Of course I am not going to putter in my garden for two or three hours. With so many other things to do, that would be wrong.

And then I'm going to really try and clean my house with is not dirty, you understand, just really, really lived in by five men and one frazzled woman.

And after that I'm going to continue writing a paper which is not due until final's week, but I do NOT like having deadlines hanging over my head.

I am not counting the weeks until the end of the semester, but for the record, there are three. And next week  contains a lengthy easter break. Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I don't know why you always have such adventures. :)

Wes Holly said...

NOT that I'm still reading this blog, or anything ...

Mary O. Paddock said...

HEM--Just lucky, I guess.

Wes--I'm glad you didn't stop by and didn't comment either. :)