Thursday, July 07, 2011

By My SIde by David Choi

There are about a million young women out there right now, punching their boyfriends in the arm and asking them why they can't be more like David Choi. Conversely, there are about a million young men out there right now, rubbing their sore arms, glaring at the screen and saying, "Way to raise the bar, Man. Thanks a lot.  Umm . . . how much did that helium set you back anyway?" 

David Choi also has some terrific covers--often better than the original artist. In fact, here is one of the boys' favorites--

He collaborates regularly with Wong Fu Productions  , a YouTube production company that makes everything from music videos (Personal fav below) to short indie movies and funny shorts. If you get a chance, you should check out "Agents of Secret Stuff" (full length story), "Five Perks of Having a Girlfriend" (you will never see the word "scapegoat" the same ever again), "Good Cooking Gets Girls" (that one is a scream) and "Places we should have gone" ( achingly bittersweet).   Warning--the humorous ones are a little PG.

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