Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Now where was I?

Oops. 'Got busy decorating for the holidays, hand making gifts, and enjoying my break from classes, and lost track of the time.

Did you know that you can't paint over oils with acrylic? Ask me how I know.

Did you know that stencils aren't as easy to use as they seem like they should be? Especially when you're using them on a curved surface?

Remember all those gourds I grew back in 2010?   

This is what they looked like that fall after harvest: 

And here's an example of what they look like now (I still have work to do on the ones that are hanging up--especially the one on the end with the swirling pattern--I call that one the Nebula Gourd--you had to see it naked to understand that reference). By the way, I gave up on the stencils. Free handing it was a lot easier.  If Grandma Moses can do it, I can.

I am obviously a much better gardener than I am an artist. Why oh why does this always seem like a good idea in mid-July? I'm no artist. Heck, I barely count as crafty. I haven't even started pouring candles yet. And, of course, I thought it would be cool to try something new there too. Back in July. When my confidence was high and Christmas was months away. I guess I thought I would suddenly become adept with a paint brush and I probably imagined that teaching myself how to do something on the fly would be fun. (Someone point me toward this blog entry, next year, will you?)

Oh--and just in case you wanted to see my Christmas tree. And sixteen year old  Joseph--who is obviously in fine form.  

I'll be back after some of the craziness fades. I've got some writing to do over this break--some editing (I haven't forgotten my promise to send you the short story) and other bits and pieces to report. I hope all is well with you and yours, dear friends. Merry Christmas and God Bless.


Pencil Writer said...

So glad to see and hear from you again! I remember doing gourds for bird houses once upon a time. And I agree: stenciling is much more difficult that it should be. And I never, ever tried on curved surfaces. I like your gourds AND your painted gourds.

I am looking forward to your story.

I'm jealous that you have a working camera (ours is in the shop . . . they can't fix it and are supposed to be replacing it . . . before we leave to have Christmas and new grandson born three states away. *sigh*)

Regardless, I'm also envious of you having Christmas decorations up and photographical! I told my two kids that are coming over this week to celebrate an "early" Christmas with us here that they will have the "honor" of doing the decorating this year on Friday. We'll be joined by their paternal uncle on Saturday. I just haven't found time yet for a variety of reasons--and figure that if I'm doing the major cooking thing they can celebrate and help while decorating! Aren't I grand in sharing the blessings?

Hope you and your family have a wonderful, toasty warm Christmas celebration!

Debby said...

Those gourds look great, IMHO. What's wrong with them? If you're making jarred candles, really once you get everything melted, the fragrance you are using, etc. you can pour a batch of them fairly quickly. If you're doing anything fancier than that, I second the motion of waiting until next Christmas to dazzle people w/ that.

Mary, I'm done with my classes. Clinicals begin next semester! Oh, I am so happy!

Rhubarb Whine said...

Are you back yet? Please? :)

(Going to have to leave a comment via blogger, your word verification keeps rejecting me)

Mary O. Paddock said...

RH-Hi! Sorry for the inexplicable silence. School's keeping me fairly busy at the moment (kind of bit off a big bite this semester). On top of that my dad (that's angst-music you hear in the background) has decided this would be an excellent time to come for a visit, despite all attempts to convince him otherwise. As he only shows up about every ten years or so . . . I'm stressed.