Monday, October 08, 2012

Fassen Files

Coming Soon: 

Fassen Files 

by Mary O Paddock

October 8th
Every word in this journal is Trish's fault. She wants me to record my daily activities, thoughts, and insights for one year. At the end of this year, we'll look through all the words I've written and find what's wrong with me. I'm not sure how this is supposed to help. I told her that I know words—I know them well—and they've never done anything except get me in trouble. But maybe I need more trouble in my life. It's obvious I need something.
Ellen Gerhtz 

Maybe what Ellen needs is a small shaggy mutt who can do something highly unusual. Something that lots of other people would be interested in. People with power. People with guns. One of them will lover her. Another just sees her as in the way. 

Fassen: (ˈfasən): to believe 


Stacey Roberts said...

The best news I've had in awhile is that Mary Paddock has another book in the works. I ranked Sing among the best things I've read this year. Can't wait!

Mary O. Paddock said...

Thanks Stacey. That means a lot.