Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Darkness and Light

*Unlocks door, enters, hits light switch. Nothing happens.*

*Curses the darkness*

*Lights candle*

*Blows dust off microphone and coughs *


*Reflects thoughtfully on the echo and ponders the passage of time*

*Remembers intended audience with a start*

This thing still on?  If you're new here, my four year absence won't bother you a bit. But if you've been around for a while and have noticed the sudden flurry of activity in what you thought was an empty blog, you're not imagining things. I have returned.

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

Long story. Let me see if I can do it in less than a thousand words. I went back to college, got a degree, finished Bright, took some vacations, edited Bright, saw some boys graduate from high school and college, cried when they moved out, sighed when they move back in,  said goodbye to some beloved elderly dogs and cats, took more vacations, went back to work as a substitute teacher,  played with our first (adopted) granddaughter, saw the ultrasound of our first biological grandchild, and found a publisher for Bright.

*Counted* Yup less than a thousand words. And thank you. Grandchildren are our new favorite things.

Oh! BRIGHT! You want to know about BRIGHT. I'm glad you asked--in brief--

Hannah Whitfield is tired of living a lie. She's been so caught up in hiding her affair from her husband, Jeff, and three children she cannot remember the last time she was honest with anyone, including her lover, Clint. Telling Jeff the truth is the hardest thing she's ever done, but she expects Clint to understand when she ends the affair. After all, he is the one who said "When it's over, it's over." Instead Clint spends months stalking and intimidating Hannah. After months, Hannah believes she's finally convinced Clint to give up, and she and Jeff go camping. But Clint follows and his actions change Hannah's destiny forever.

A gripping supernatural thriller, BRIGHT is a story about love, forgiveness, and never giving up.

And here's a video designed by the publisher just for fun--

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