Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Early Edits on Troubled Waters

I spent about three hours yesterday scanning Troubled Waters and spotting minor (?) problems. The fixes are straightforward enough, I'm just irritated at myself for not seeing them sooner. Stuff like the villain's job, location and number of packages per murder victim.

Still, it's a better work at this stage than the other two completed attempts. I just wish I'd caught them before I sent it off to anyone. I hope it doesn't confuse the readers too much.

I received my exterior hard drive yesterday. I'm using a piece of software for scheduled back ups, called YSync, created by Simon Haynes, the author of the Spacejock series. I'm not completely sure I've got it working properly, but it's enough for now that I can click on the saved file and tell it to back things up. This combined with my battery back up should insulate me from a few losses. I'm still waffling as to whether to replace the power supply in the tower or not as it's not failed again in several days. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe that alarm going off inside my tower was something else (scratches head in frustration). However, I did order one and it will be here today. It's less expensive than the hard drive. I guess I'll just sit tight and watch.

Back to work today. I . . . uhh . . . prayed for a blizzard last night . . . Okay not a blizzard--just enough snow to keep me home. I have a long list of things I need to do here--school my kids, mop my floors, clean up my room (someone really should ground me from tv, reading, the computer and telephone until I get that done), paint shells, trim the dogs' nails, and straighten out the closet in my office. What did I get instead? Rain--lots and lots of it. My blizzard (and there is a section of the state that got one) is north of us--in the other end of the state. Not quite close enough to call in, darn it.

Have I mentioned that I'm ready to go back to subsitute teaching now?


Simon Haynes said...

Hi Mary,

An alarm from the PC motherboard could be temperature-related - is the CPU fan turning freely when the system is on?

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks for stopping
Yes. It appears to be turning freely at present. For the time being I'm leaving it off. I guess it wouldn't hurt to replace the cpu fan along with the power supply, would it?