Saturday, February 10, 2007

Troubled Waters

Believe it or not I actually wrote the final conflict today. Now all that's left is the wrap up and the warm fuzzies. Normally I'd plunge a head and write it all in one day, but I need a break.

I wasn't conscious of this until recently but I tend to distance myself from difficult scenes. I interrupt my own train of thought to change the music I'm listening to, suddenly overtaken by the urge to read the news, read other people's blogs, check in on the PFFA etc--anything to keep the scene all about mechanics and word choices. This time I didn't give myself this out: I focused completely on what I was doing and refuse entrance to distracting thought. After three hours I was embroiled in the scene, consumed by every detail. And ultimately, as silly as it sounds, I actually shook myself up a little. The villain was very nearly in the room with me, probably because this time I called on my own personal boogie man to do the dirty work. I hope this comes across on the page. When I write his POV in (next draft) I suspect he will give a few readers similar chills.

It would be nice to have him go haunt someone else's closet for a change.

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